This course is designed for people who feel the need to give space to their creative sensibility through drawing and the expressiveness of the face. Both beginners and those with more expertise will receive individual attention as they follow the course.

Pencils, charcoal , and sanguine are the essential tools that will accompany the learners throughout the entire course. Study of the face is the lynchpin around which all the practical exercises revolve. The five principal emotions that make up the somatic features of the face are anger, joy, worry, sadness and fear.

They are lodged in the most remote corners of our consciousness but it is they that visibly animate our facial expressions. Our eyes, nose, mouth, forehead, cheekbones, chin and cheeks demonstrate exactly who we are and the emotions we harbour within us.

The ultimate aim of the course is to produce a portrait or a self-portrait on paper, making a highly detailed study of the physiognomy of the emotion that the learner chooses from the five options mentioned above. The course is extremely practical and the theory covered will be constantly supported by practical work.