This course is designed for people wishing to consolidate and develop their existing creative art skills by experimenting with and mixing a number of techniques.

The intention is to guide the learners to an understanding of their own creative style, their artistic personality, and how to express this without any constraints.

Highly recommended as a final step for people who have taken our lower level drawing and painting courses or for anyone who already possesses the relevant skills to be able to cope with the learning programme.

Acrylic colours, oil paints, industrial paint, pencils, charcoal and all the other artist’s materials that the learners consider of use will be available to them, with the teacher always at hand to lend assistance.

The interpretation of the human figure starts by disposing of all those rules and technical parameters, in order to leave room for talent and individual, subjective instinct.

The first part of the course will feature a life model who will pose before the group to enable them to observe, study and practise artistic anatomy in all its glorious complexity.

The posing sessions will initially last for the entire time the class needs, but not exceeding 90-120 minutes. These will later be cut short until they last no longer than 5-10 minutes, to give the learners the chance to acquire the necessary practical skills and dexterity to complete their various sketches on paper.

In the second part of the lesson all those anatomical and pictorial rules acquired in the first part will be ditched, in order make room for free interpretation and to meet the creative needs of all the learners, who will be quite ready and motivated to represent the face and body in the way they most wish.

The ultimate aim of the course is to produce a 70×100 painting on canvas, which best represents each learner’s own style. The creative personality of the learners takes precedence over the rulebook and thus they become artists. The course is extremely practical and the theory covered will be constantly supported by practical work.