This course is designed for people who wish to develop their painting skills through the use of acrylic colours on canvas and who already have a basic knowledge of pencil and charcoal drawing (chiaroscuro, light, shade and proportion). An excellent follow-up to our Drawing Course.

Brushes, acrylic colours, spatulas and rags are the working tools the learners will use to gain confidence and dexterity. In-depth study of the face is the lynchpin around which all the practical exercises revolve. The photograph of a face that each student brings to the course will be studied carefully in order to understand, in minute detail, shapes, expressions, proportions, light and shade and colour and its subtle shades.

The ultimate aim of the course is to produce a portrait or self-portrait in acrylic colours on canvas, carefully analysing every detail but also taking into account the creative personality and expressive needs of each learner, who will be free to use any shades of colour in their work. The course is extremely practical and the theory covered will be constantly supported by practical work.